International Education Development Initiative (IEDI)
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    To provide a forum for discussion for international human and cultural exchange among those intrigued by the Japanese language, culture, history and diplomacy. Participants are mainly Japanese living outside of Japan, and non-Japanese who live / have studied and lived in Japan together with those individuals who find this forum interesting and meaningful.

How to participate
    This web provides inexpensive services (Yen6,000/BBS・Year) for those individuals, corporations and any groups of people who really understand the significance of mutual understandings through international human networks.

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Council Members

Joji WATANABE Mr. Joji WATANABE(Managing Director)

Formerly Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan. Mr. Watanabe consulted for projects to stop deforestation in Africa, technology transfer to developing countries, science and technology manpower development, university development, introduction of math certification system, etc. He is studying long-term strategies and systems for attracting international students and developing future manpower for both advanced and developing countries. Currently Partner of Institute of Human Capital Solution (IHCS) ( Tel:03-3556-8780), after President of Across Consultants Co., Ltd. MBA from Darden Business School, University of Virginia.  Direct Tel: 070-5070-4570

Mr. Yu OGISO(Supreme Advisor)

Mr. Ogiso has more than 30 years experience in receiving and educating international students who came to Japan intending to study at undergraduate and graduate programs in Japan. Through his services, Mr. Ogiso has developed international human networks with former international students (8,000 or more) now working abroad, including some of the distinguished figures, in business, academia, government and politics. Mr. Ogiso received MS from Department of Agriculture, Tokyo University, and currently serving the Asian Students’Cultural Association as Director General.

Mr. Takuzo MAEDA (Supreme Advisor)

Mr. Maeda entered Business International (BI), Japan and engaged himself in numerous consulting and research projects for multi-national, foreign and Japanese corporations. After having served as vice president and president at BI, Mr. Maeda established a consulting firm specialized in human resources management information services based on an extensive information network through more than 150 major cities in the world. From 1999 to 2002, Chairman, Managing Director of Price Water House Coopers, and currently Representative Partner of Institute of Human Capital Solution ( )

Dr. Shoichi KOBAYASHI (Founding Member)

Having completed his doctorate program in economics development and industrial structure at Hawaii University in 1975, Dr. Kobayashi has consulted for many ODA-related projects at Engineering Consulting Firms Association, Japan. His major engagements were Iraq’s New Baghdad Development, industrialization projects in South-East Asian Countries, Nigeria, India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia(USSR), Ukraine, Poland, etc. In 1995, he was one of a few economists allowed to visit North Korea to suggest an establishment of special economic zones to enable soft-landing as a consultant through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Now president managing director of Japan Development Institute.

Mr. Hiroshi NISHIMAKI (Consulting Group Leader)

Mr.Nishimaki has extensive experiences in consulting for regional developments in developing countries, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, other Asian and middle east countries. Mr.Nishimaki’s expertise are regional development for industrial estates and town development, technology transfer, economic analysis, environment study, institutional development and operations. MA from John. F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Ph.D. in economics from UCB. President of Exe・Idea Ltd.