The friendliest people in West Africa. For a country
    that's borne the brutality of colonisation - from the stripping of its
    mineral wealth to the enslaving of its people - Ghana retains a remarkable
    sense of self.

    Full country name: Republic of Ghana
    Area: 238,540 sq km (93,030 sq mi)
    Population: 19.7 million
    Capital city: Accra (pop 1.3 million)
    People: Akan (44%), Mole-Dagbane (16%), Ewe (13%), Ga (8%), Guan, Gurma,
    Gonja, Dagomba
    Language: English (official language), Ewe, Ga, Twi
    Religion: Christian (60%), Muslim (15%), traditional African religions (25%)
    Government: Parliamentary democracy
    President: Jerry Rawlings (to be changed by an election on December 7, 2000)


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